Maintaining your oral health is a lifelong mission. Luckily, Dr. Paul J Rubenstein is focused and committed to being your gentle dentist for life. If you have any previous dental restorations that have come loose, fallen off or are just not functioning as well as they used to, contact our office at 352-200-2327 and learn about our options for restorative dentistry in Spring Hill, Florida! Your oral health and comfort are our priorities, and we look forward to helping you maintain your smile for years to come!

No dental restoration lasts forever, and regular checkups and maintenance can help us keep an eye on the state of your entire mouth. When you come in for a regular exam or with a specific problem, our dentist will take the time to learn about your dental history and what would be the best way to restore any previous restorations that need to be replaced.

If you notice a loose crown or bridge, if a filling has fallen out, if your dentures are not fitting correctly, or any other dental problem, please contact us immediately. Replacing restorations when you first notice a problem can help prevent further discomfort and pain down the road. Our dentist and team are committed to your oral health. Call today to learn more!

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