Choosing Your Next Toothbrush

We all know that brushing and flossing your teeth every single day is imperative to ideal oral health. You should brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes. Knowing how to choose a toothbrush that will best aid you in your fight against decay is important as well, so Dr. Nathalie Dowsett and our team are thrilled... read more »

Dental 101: Your Toothbrush

Taking good care of your toothbrush is vital to oral health. It is the main tool with which you brush your teeth, and using a great toothbrush is a key to making oral health habits easier and more pleasant--resulting in you being more willing to stick to them! When you brush your teeth, use a soft-bristled toothbrush. Medium-to-hard bristles rip... read more »

Your Child’s Smile Is Important to Us

At the dental practice of Dr. Bill Cryderman, we know how important routine dental cleanings are to your child's health. We encourage you to bring your child in for a checkup and cleaning every six months. This helps us to rule out any undiagnosed oral conditions your child may have, such as a painful tooth or other chronic dental problem. Why... read more »

Avoiding Plaque Using Dental Floss

Flossing began when a dentist in New Orleans advised his patients to use a thin silk thread to clean between their teeth. As this caught on, the Codman and Shurtleft Company in Massachusetts began marketing unwaxed silk dental floss in 1882. Then the New Jersey company Johnson & Johnson took out a patent for dental floss in 1898, which was... read more »