Take Care of Your Smile with Dental Crowns

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Numerous forms of cosmetic dentistry exist to dramatically enhance the look of your teeth. However, some treatments go beyond just enhancing its aesthetics and can actually help provide added protection for your teeth. A dental crown can be customized to improve the look and shape you desire, as well as shield and guard a tooth against future damage.

If you wish to enhance your smile through the use of a tooth restoration treatment, a highly effective cosmetic dentistry treatment to consider is a dental crown. Not only are dental crowns effective for improving the aesthetics of your smile, but they can be customized and crafted to help protect future damage from occurring to the tooth. Because there are customizable, they can be adjusted for color, shape, and size to ensure they meet your oral health care needs.

Dental crowns are extremely durable and are helpful for covering up irregularities and abnormalities with teeth. They’re extremely beneficial for protecting weak teeth and holding together broken teeth that may have been shattered into bits. In situations where there is a lack of treatment options, dental crowns may still be able to be used to ensure that the tooth will not be in line for an extraction.

If you have previous dental work done to a tooth with restorations such as bridges, dental implants, or root canals, it may be possible to use a dental crown to hold the restorations in place. In addition, dental crowns can be used to operate as a binding agent for dental fillings and teeth when not enough tooth remains to adequately hold the filling by itself.

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