What Do I Need to Know About Oral Thrush?

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If you notice white lesions appear along your tongue and inside your cheeks, you may have oral thrush, which is a fungal infection caused by the fungus candida. We can help you identify, treat, and prevent oral thrush so that it doesn’t disrupt your oral health or peace of mind.

You may experience some inflammation resulting from oral thrush that makes eating uncomfortable, and there may be some blood around the lesions if they are irritated. If you feel like there is cotton in your mouth or have a reduced ability to taste, these could be signs of oral thrush, which can even spread along your throat and stomach and make it harder to swallow.

Your immune system determines how at risk you are for oral thrush. Those who have weaker immune systems, like babies and the elderly, are naturally at risk, but you may find that some medications, having dentures, HIV, AIDS, yeast infections, or diabetes can be risk factors of oral thrush.

After taking any prescription medications that cause oral thrush, rinse your smile to remove any bacteria. Make sure you maintain effective oral hygiene and clean any denture appliances you may wear. Keep candida at bay by not eating as much sugar. If you struggle with dry mouth or yeast infections, talk to your doctor about treatment and even receiving a prescription antifungal medication.

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