Why Routine Dental Cleanings Should Not Be Skipped

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The professional dental cleanings performed by our friendly dental team at Paul J Rubenstein are very important to not just your teeth, but your general health as well, influencing your health in ways that you may not have realized before. This can make visiting the dentist a real treat! We are happy to provide further explanation of the benefits of dental cleanings and how they impact your oral and overall health.

First, by performing professional teeth cleanings on a regular basis, we can help you maintain your oral and general health. This is because the act of cleaning your smile thoroughly clears away lingering plaque and bacteria particles that can damage the teeth, gums and mouth as a whole if they are not removed from your smile regularly. Your oral health can be negatively impacted by plaque and tartar, which can also result in the development of gum disease. This is a gum infection that affects your mouth and is associated with general health issues like diabetes and heart disease. You can have successful oral and general health by scheduling your dental appointments regularly.

Second, your teeth receive a professional polishing during the regular teeth cleanings, which can help you look and feel great by removing minor stains from the tooth enamel. This can leave your teeth looking whiter and more beautiful, giving you greater self-confidence.

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